St. Anthony Catholic Church

1602 Bowie

Columbus, Texas

Upcoming Youth Activities

C3YM Youth Group: Our tri-parish high school youth ministry program is thriving! There are currently over 50 teens enrolled in our 2 year Confirmation program and around 70 teens regularly attend the Wednesday night Youth Group. This year's theme is "Witness." We have a core team made up of 17 strong teen leaders who witness each week as they practice a daily prayer life, take on a leadership role during Youth Group, give personal reflections, lead small group discussions, and lead by example. Please continue to pray for us as we endeavor to fulfill our mission: To encounter Christ and live the Church's teachings. 

A huge THANK YOU to the High School Youth Group for cleaning up the church grounds this past weekend! They weeded flowerbeds; cleaned windows, gutters, and Father's back yard; and mowed the bus lot and the where the Pastoral Center used to sit. Thank you for all your hard work! 

Youth Ministry

Teens from 3 parishes come together in the name of JESUS!  Check out their experiences @ FACEBOOK PAGE C3YM

St. Anthony, Columbus Texas, Catholic Church