St. Anthony Catholic Church

1602 Bowie

Columbus, Texas

CHURCH PICNIC RAFFLE TICKETS Please pick up an envelope of raffle tickets at the back of the church and sell or buy them. Feel free to take more, but we are asking every family to sell at least one packet. This year, more than ever, selling raffle tickets is essential as it is the only picnic event not affected by the COVID restrictions, so sell as many as possible!!Return your packet(s) in the Sunday collection, to the church office, or the drop box outside of the office with the money and filled-out tickets inside and put your name on the outside. 

Father Augustine and Fr. Nelson are working on their cakes again this year!! There are Cake Donation Envelopes in the back of the church. Any amount is appreciated. You could even consider donating the amount of money you would have normally spent on items for the picnic and the day of the picnic. Just a thought! The success of our picnic every year depends on the time, talents, and treasures of our parish family, but this year more than ever!!Your generosity is greatly appreciated!

Meat Donation Envelopes can be found at the entrance of the church. Please use these envelopes to help defray the cost of the meal at our church picnic. Every little bit helps!

St. Anthony, Columbus Texas, Catholic Church