St. Anthony Catholic Church

1602 Bowie

Columbus, Texas

Altar Society has mailed letters informing parishioners the functions of the Society.
$5 dues & $5 flower fund donation may be mailed to 146 2nd Ave. or dropped in the collection basket.

Monthly meetings are held the first Tuesday of the month at 1:30pm at the Columbus Hall.  Please come and join us for fellowship.

No meetings in June, July, or August!

-All Members of St. Anthony's Parish may become members of the Altar Society.  Dues are only $5.00 per year per family.  Those who wish, can make an additional donation of $5.00 to the Flower Fund. 

The Altar Society has various functions within the Church.  We furnish and pay for all Altar linens and the laundering of such items, communion breads, wine, offertory candles, care of all vestment and other minor expenses.  We also furnish flowers at Christmas, Easter, and on eight specified occasions.

Our main service is monthly Altar duty. Each Saturday, a crew of parishioners spends about one hour cleaning the church.  If you feel that you can assist, please call the Rectory@ 732-2562.

2021-22 Officers

President-------Bernice Motal



Treasurer------Annie Munsch

St. Anthony, Columbus Texas, Catholic Church